Nokia Disowns Marcus Weldon’s Comments Against Huawei’s Security

Only a day after Nokia’s senior executive revealed his concerns with Huawei, the Finnish telecommunications company posted a different official statement to their website.

Marcus Weldon’s Claims


When interviewed by the BBC, Marcus Weldon has declared that the U.K. should think twice about using the Huawei software. He stated that the Chinese kit could present a threat to 5G networks.

Weldon highlighted the latest report from Finite State, a U.S. security company.

Judging by the report, Huawei products are not as secure as some of the other devices on the market.

The Nokia executive has elaborated on the report, claiming that besides a level of “sloppiness,” Huawei also deceives its users by promising securities that its devices do not provide.

A GCHQ unit has been thoroughly researching Huawei in the U.K. and has discovered that the security of some software is severely lacking.

Weldon has used the opportunity to point out the edge Nokia has over Huawei regarding safety. He did state that his company was not under the same scrutiny as Huawei was in the U.K.

Nokia’s Response

Nokia has disowned Marcus Weldon’s claims pointing out its focus on its products and services.

The Finnish company states that it does not have its assessment of any weaknesses their competitors might have.

Huawei’s Comment


Huawei has responded by pointing out the futileness of such comments and asking for “all vendors to agree to independent testing of their equipment and source code” as they had done.

The Chinese company said this would be the right way to improve cybersecurity and the resilience of networks.

Competition and 5G Technologies

Currently, Nokia and Huawei are each other’s most significant competition when it comes to the release of the next-generation equipment.

Since the Chinese firm has been seen as a leader in the industry, the U.S. has been attempting to ban Huawei for their issues with security.

Weldon has pointed out that the pressure the U.S. has been putting on other countries balances out the financial advantage Huawei has had in the past.

A spokesman for Huawei said that only collaboration on industry level could lead to genuinely secure and resilient networks. He stated that cyber-security was Huawei’s main priority and that no other telecoms company had been scrutinized as rigorously as the Chinese firm.

On the other hand, Mr. Weldon claims that Huawei represents a risk and suggests it should not be added into the network infrastructure.

However, after a report in April, the U.K. government has made a decision not to put a complete ban on Huawei. Still, according to the report, the Chinese company should not be allowed into the center of 5G networks.

The U.K. mobile operators have started the production of the newest networks, all using Huawei’s equipment. They have warned against a total ban since it would prolong the wait for 5G networks and come with additional costs.

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