Jack’d Gay Dating Site to Pay out $240,000 Because of Privacy Issues

Jack’d Gay Dating Site

Back in February 2018, Oliver Hough, a researcher specializing in cyber-security, reported a problem with this dating app’s privacy. Jack’d allowed its members to post “private” photos that only a chosen person would be able to see. However, the researcher found out that all the pictures shared on the site were uploaded to one web server. It was open so that anyone who had an Internet connection could potentially access millions of intimate photos Jack’d members were posting.

Oliver Hough has reported the issue, but the dating site owners have taken their time with implementing a solution. A journalist tried to contact them in November of last year, but the Jack’d owners failed to respond in a productive manner. Only in February of 2019 have they dealt with the problem.

However, the exposed pictures could still be found online if you knew where to look.

Letitia James, the New York Attorney General, has stated that Jack’d invaded its members’ privacy. She said that the reason the dating app did not act as soon as the research identified a problem was the desire to keep making a profit.

The Attorney General has managed to reach a settlement with the owner of Jack’d, Online Buddies. They are to pay $240,000 to the State of New York. Jack’d owners also claim that they will begin using a “comprehensive security program” in order to protect their users’ privacy.

This gay dating site has accumulated more than 5 million users whose private pictures have been affected by the security issue.

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