When the Johnson family first decided to raise chickens in their backyard, they had no idea it would turn into a thriving business. They simply wanted to have fresh eggs for breakfast and teach their children about sustainable living. But as they dove deeper into the world of backyard chickens, they found themselves wanting to share their experience with others. That’s when they stumbled upon our blog and newsletter, which quickly became their go-to source for the latest news and tips on raising backyard chickens.

With the help of our blog and newsletter, the Johnsons were able to expand their backyard flock and start selling their excess eggs to friends and neighbors. They also became more knowledgeable about chicken health and nutrition, which allowed them to provide better care for their birds. As their passion for backyard chickens grew, so did their business. They started offering chicken-related products, such as coop plans and chicken feed, and eventually opened their own store. Today, the Johnsons are proud to be a part of the thriving backyard chicken community, and they credit much of their success to the support and guidance they received from our blog and newsletter.

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Jessica Simon

I never thought raising backyard chickens could be so easy and enjoyable until I discovered this blog and newsletter – now I have fresh, delicious eggs and meat all year round!

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